Biryani: Varieties of Biryani in Tamil Nadu | Ambur | Dindigul | Chettinad | Bhai Biryani | Hyderbad

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Biryani: Varieties of Biryani in Tamil Nadu | Ambur | Dindigul | Chettinad | Muslim Biryani
Types of Biryani in Tamil Nadu: Biryani tops the list of favorite dishes of any foodie and is more than just a comfort food. Many states in India have their own style of preparation, but Tamil Nadu’s biryanis are an absolute delight with their combination of delicious, tantalizing flavors.

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Biryani refers to a dish cooked with rice, eggs with spices, and goat, beef, chicken, fish or vegetables. Generally, Basmati and Seerakashamba rice are used to make biryani.

The chicken biryani is top notch

Chicken Biryani has taken the top spot as the most ordered food item online. It is followed by masala dosa, butter naan, tandoori roti and paneer butter masala respectively.

Biryani lovers

Biryani lovers can find delicious varieties of non-veg biryani in Tamil Nadu. When biryani is cooked in Tamil Nadu, unlike in other states, the rice is cooked along with the chicken and not pre-cooked. This ensures that the spicy flavors penetrate freely.

Varieties of Biryani

There are many Varieties of Biryani in Tamil Nadu. There are five major types of biryani in Tamil Nadu. Ambur, Dindigul, Chettinad & Muslim Biryani.

1. Ambur Biryani

The famous Ampur biryani is from the small town of Ampur in Vellore district. It stands out because its flavor is enhanced by coriander, mint and curd.

The secret recipe of Ambur Biryani was created by Hussain Baig, who was the chef of the Nawab of Arcot. The flavor quickly won a place in people’s hearts and became popular among fans across the state. What started as a small establishment became a successful, huge brand a century later.

Ambur style biryani has milder spice levels than others and is prepared with cumin rice and mutton with Katari curry and cucumber raita. The special type of rice used is called cumin samba.

Ampur Nakshatra Biryani, as it is now called, is successfully run by Hussain Baig’s descendants.

2. Dindigul Biryani

A city synonymous with the brand of biryani, Dindigul has earned a place in the hearts of all biryani lovers with its unparalleled taste. The city of Biryani in Tamil Nadu is known for its unique security lock known as the ‘Dindigul Lock’, which has earned the city a GI tag.

The oldest biryani restaurant in Thalappakkatty was established in 1957, where the combination of tangy taste and aroma is said to be achieved through meticulous selection of ingredients.

Dindigul biryani has a different taste from Chettinad and Hyderabad biryani because of its sour taste. Water used in its preparation is said to be as important as any other spice. It is said that the water from the Kamaraj Lake in Attur adds to the flavor of Dindigul Biryani.

Jeera samba rice (also known as ‘flying situ’ chosen by the founder of the brand, Nagaswamy Naidu), pepper and green chillies are the ingredients that make biryani taste universal.

Using star anise, mace powder and cloves to make the mutton recipe elevates the flavor level to a whole new level.

3. Rauthar Biryani (Muslim Biryani)

The delicious dum biryani is a favorite among foodies all over the world. Rather biryani is a special type of dum biryani introduced by the Muslim community. It is popular in Palakkad district in Kerala and Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu.

A lip-smacking rather biryani is rich in spices and usually made using mutton.

This succulent biryani is red in color due to the copious use of tomatoes and Kashmiri red chili powder. An aromatic type of short grain rice called jeerasala rice for making biryani brings a refined flavor to the dish.

Special ravdar biryani is prepared during celebrations and weddings and is eaten with a special side dish called kaicher.

4. Chettinad Biryani

As Chettinad cuisine says, the food from this land will delight you with its most delicious taste.

Chettinad Biryani can be made in one pot without much hassle and is spicy and delicious just like other Dum Biryani.

The biryani masala is different in Chettinad style and the rice used is cumin sampa. Breast bone broth, a tangy goat meat broth, is said to be the perfect combination that any foodie can vouch for. Add fried onions and curry leaves to the biryani and add some sama

Sometimes it is added with coconut milk to give a remarkable flavor.

5. Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani is becoming popular all over Tamil Nadu. Hyderabadi biryani, also known as Hyderabad dum biryani, is a style of biryani made with basmati rice and meat from Hyderabad, India.

Originating in the kitchens of the Nizams of Hyderabad, it combines elements of Hyderabadi and Mughal cuisine.

Main Ingredients: Spices, Meat, Basmati Rice, Garlic, Mint, Mint Leaves

Add boiled basmati rice, stir in rose water, sprinkle coriander leaves, mint, saffron, cashews and cover. Place a large dosaik in the oven and reduce the flame to low, place the biryani dish on top and simmer for 30 minutes before serving.

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