Google Doodle: Anna Mani | The Weather Woman Of India | Google Celebrates her 104th Birthday with Special Doodle Today

Anna Mani 'The weather woman of India' is an Indian physicist and meteorologist who retired as the Deputy Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department.

Balamani Amma: Google Doodle, Biography, Quotes, Books, Poem, Birthday and Awards

Google Doodle celebrates Balamani Amma's birthday today. In Malayalam poetry, Balamani Amma is known for her role as "amma" (mother) and "muthassi" (grandmother).
James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST): Celebrating the deepest photo of the universe! NASA

James Webb Space Telescope: The James Webb Space Telescope is the world's premier space science observatory. Webb Delivers Deepest Infrared Image of Universe.
Anne Frank's diary

Anne Frank’s diary: Google Doodle Marks the 75th Anniversary of Anne Frank’s ‘Diary of a Young Girl’

Today's slideshow Google Doodle honors globally renowned Jewish German-Dutch diarist and Holocaust victim Anne Frank on 75th Anniversary.