How to Handle Stress When Preparing for UPSC or any Competitive Exam – Thiruvarur Collector Tmt. Gayathri Krishnan

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Handle Stress When Preparing for UPSC: Recently a student asked me how to handle stress when preparing for UPSC or any competitive exam. Here is what I believe.

I am sharing here so that it maybe of use to other students or anyone preparing for UPSC, or competitive exams, or any goal that takes dedication, patience and hard work.

Here is the list of 12 Key points to handle stress during competitive examps

1. The best way I have found when tackling a long term goal, or exam is to divide into small, tangible, easy goals.

“Plan for a week And plan for a day”

2. Plan a small amount less than what u think u can possibly achieve in a day (for example if u can finish one topic in a day, Plan to finish 3/4th that day and remaining 1/4th plus revision the next day).

That way every day we will either achieve or go beyond the planned studies for that day.

3. Every day try to finish the days portions early during day time and not late at night. The peace of having finished the portions early and then free time in the evening will help you to relax.

4. Start with easiest subjects or topics That way we will 1.1 like we have made some quick progress before we have to tadde some tough topics and subjects. Starting with tough things will demotivate us.

5. Every day spend at Stew minutes reading motivational articles or watching motivational videos.

It will help keep you focus.

6. Every day spend at least a few minutes reading motivational articles or watching motivational videos It will help keep you focused.

7. Occasionally reward yourself in small ways when u achieve the target for a month, or when you finish first round of a subject, etc.

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8. Don’t compare yourself to others’ progress in the same day. Your learning process is different from everyone else. The only important thing is to fnish studies. It is not important how you finish them or how much time it takes.

9. Don’t think about the whole large quanttrn of topics to study or subjects..

  • Think of small easily achievable goals.
  • Reading the newspaper.
  • Finishing one chapter.
  • Such small steps.
  • Focus on the days target.

10. Keep a to do list for the day and tick things off once done. It is really something that brings us peace and pride.

11. It is important to know that UPSC is a marathon, not a sprint. The important thing is to consistently study in small planned and phased manner.

There is no need to rush anywhere. Focus on the step we are taking. With the right plan, automatically we will succeed if we follow every day plans.

12. Some days we will not be able to study well. Some days we may lose focus or miss out on the plan. These days will be rare but they will come. It is only natural and human. When that happens and u simply canY study on a day, take the day off. Rework the plan. Come back and study well from next day Remember that people just like us have succeeded. You can too!!!! All the Best!

These 12 tips from Thiruvarur collector will help us all to cope with exam stress. Thank you mam for inspiring us and keep inspiring more! God Bless you!!!

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