Indian Passport: Passport Renewal in UAE

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Indian Passport: Passport Renewal in UAE – Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, RAK, UAQ & Fujairah.

Passport Renewal in UAE is a easy process: Are you an NRI? residing in UAE? Wanna renew your passport within UAE itself? Do you want to renew Indian Passport from Dubai? Then, you are at the right page. You will get all the information you want to renew your India passport in UAE.

Let’s discuss about how to apply, where to go, location, address, cost, price involves, service available, center’s name and more information here. Check out…

How To Renew An Indian Passport In The UAE?

In the UAE, Indian expats can renew their passports at BLS International Services Center, which provides visa and passport services. Fees and applications for Indian passport renewals are also collected at the venue.

  • Book an online appointment with BLS
  • Fill out the online registration form at ‘Passport Seva Kendra
  • Visit BLS center: Take the required documents and visit BLS office according to your Emirates
  • Renewal of Indian passports for minors: Keep the Documents Required
  • Indian Passport Renewal Fees In The UAE – BLS Center
  • In order to renew an Indian passport in the UAE, check out the list of documents which is required.
  • Using BLS centers in the UAE to renew an Indian passport is a fastest centre.
  • Passport Renewal Premium Service for Indians is available
  • BLS Centre Locations And Timings
  • Courier delivery of your Indian passport

Apply for Indian Passport Services in UAE

Process for Indian Passport Renewal & Newborn Passports

You need to book an online appointment with BLS (Authorized Center by CGI) at


Services offered in in BLS

  • These are the services are available for Indian passports:
  • Reissue/renewal of passport
  • Newborn passport application
  • Lost or damaged
  • Passport emergency certificate

1. Booking Appointment

  • Step 1: Select the centre which you wish to visit
  • Step 2: Select your preferred date, you will be provided with the available time slots. It is advisable to book an appointment well in advance for general centers. Premium lounge services are available on an urgent basis.
  • Step 3: Provide your personal details, including passport number, phone number and email address.

2. Fill out the online registration form for ‘Passport Seva

3. Create an Account to Register

  • You would need to create an account to register.
  • Once you have the login details, enter using the login credentials
  • Apply for a passport request.
  • In the Applicant Home page, click on the link “Apply for Ordinary Passport” to file a new application.
  • Take a print out, as you would need it for your appointment at BLS.
  • Alternatively, you can get the registration form typed out at a BLS centre for a Dh30 fee.

3. Visit BLS Office

Visit office as per your appointment schedule. Arrive at the BLS centre 10 minutes before your appointment. Make sure you are keeping all the required documents

4. Documents required for passport application:

4. 1 Requirement for Application of passport (General):

  • Original passport with a copy including residence visa page.
  • Two photographs of 2in x 2in.
  • The photograph needs to be of you wearing dark clothes, in front of a white background only. The needs to be no more than three months old. If you do not have the photograph, you can take from BLS. Fee: Dh30.
  • Online registration form
  • Valid Emirates ID of the applicant & Emirates ID copy

4. 1 Requirement for Application of a minor’s passport:

  • The applicant should submit the application in person for identification and both parents have to accompany the child.
  • If parents are divorced, separated or not residing in the same country, the official documentation (divorce or custody papers, additional forms from the Consulate) need to be attached.
  • Emirates ID copy of the minor and parents.

Renewal Fees: Cost for Passport Renewal in UAE

The cost of applying Basic passport fee for adults is Dh341,
Basic passport fee for minors: Dh246
VIP lounge services are at an additional cost of Dh236

Normal Renewal Service for Indian Passport Holder

  • Adults (36-page booklet): AED 285
  • Adults (60-page booklet): AED 380
  • Minors: AED 190

Tatkal Renewal Services

  • Adults (36-page booklet): AED 855
  • Adults (60-page booklet): AED 950
  • Minors: AED 760

How long does it take to get the passport?

Minimum time: 5 working days (Fridays and Saturdays not included)

Which centres can I visit?

Location and timings of BLS centres in Dubai.

BLS centres Location in UAE

Indian Passport: Passport Renewal in UAE

Here are the locations and timings for major BLS Centres that offer services related to Indian passport renewal in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other emirates. BLS International Visa & Passport Services Premium Lounge.

BLS Premium Lounge services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Book Now.

BLS International UAE

BLS International Visa and Passport Services – Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, UAQ, RAK in UAE. Schedule An Appointment, Online Booking, Track your passport, Apply Visa to India in UAE, Visa and Passport Services and more on BLS

The Premium Lounge service will be a delightful experience for applicants who wishes for a personalized service.

BLS Al Khaleej Center, Dubai

Location: Opposite Al Ain Center, Mankhool Road, Bur Dubai. Open 9am to 6pm.
Last Token: 4:30pm (Lunch break: 1pm to 2pm)

BLS Premium Lounge, Dubai

Habib Bank Building, Bank street, Bur Dubai
Open 9am to 6pm.
(Lunch break: 1pm to 2pm)

BLS Deira, Dubai

Zeenath Building, Opposite to Deira City Center
Open 8am to 5pm.
Last Token: 3:30pm (Lunch break: 12:30pm to 1pm)

Abu Dhabi Main Centre

M1-01, Mezzanine Floor, Business Avenue Building, Al Salam Street
Open 9am to 6pm.
Last Token: 4:30pm (Lunch break: 1pm to 2pm)

Abu Dhabi Premium Lounge

M-02 Building No. 14, 15, Al Muhairi Building on the same road as Paragon Hotel Apartment.
Open 9am to 6pm.
(Lunch break: 1pm to 2pm)


BLS Sharjah, HSBC Building
Abdul Aziz Majid Building, King Faisal Street
Open 8am to 5pm.
Last Token: 3:30pm (Lunch break: 12pm to 1pm)

BLS Sharjah Indian Association

Indian Association, Sharjah
Open 8am to 5pm.
Last Token: 4pm (Lunch break: 12pm to 1pm)

BLS Fujairah

Indian Social Club, Al Fazil Road, Opposite Hilton Hotel, Fazeel.
Open 8am to 5pm.
Last Token: 4pm (Lunch break: 12pm to 1pm)

Ras Al Khaimah

BLS Ras Al Khaimah
Near Sengar Building Material Trading, Dahan Road
Open 8am to 5pm.
Last Token: 4pm (Lunch break: 12pm to 1pm)


BLS Ajman
Ajman Indian Association, Al Jurf Industrial Area-3, Ajman
Open 8am to 5pm.
Last Token: 4pm (Lunch break: 12pm to 1pm)

Umm Al Quwain

BLS Umm Al Quwain
Al Abdul Lathif Al Zarooni Building
(Same building of DIB Bank), King faisal Road.
Open 8am to 5pm.
Last Token: 4pm (Lunch break: 12pm to 1pm)

Al Ain

BLS Al Ain
Indian Social Centre, Building No.14, Street No.1, Near Al Ain Chess Club, Khabisi District, Al Ain.
Open 8am to 5pm.

Appointment / Last Token: 3:30pm

  • Time Taken: 5 working days (for Dubai issued passport/Tatkal renewal)
  • Time Taken: 40 working days (renewal of Passport issued by Passport Issuing Authorities other than Dubai)
  • Address Change: Should be accompanied with documentary evidence like Election Commission Card, Driving License, Electricity / Telephone Bill, Ration Card. Wife can change address showing husband’s passport as proof and minor can change address showing father’s passport as proof.
  • Spouse Name endorsement: Marriage certificate is NOT required. Instead, you can attach a declaration letter requesting to add your spouse name.
  • NOTE: If the applicant is on visit visa, an appointment letter from a company to be attached with the application. The letter must be attested by Chamber of Commerce (DCCI).
  • NOTE2: If you are applying for urgent (Tatkal) renewal, a declaration form should be filled at the BLS centre. Passport will be renewed for 2 or 5 or 10 years depending on urgent verification clearance. Mostly you will get for 10 years.

Receiving Passport Via Courier

Adult and minor applicants will have to wait for at least 5 working days before they can receive their new passport. However, those who select the Tatkal service (urgent) can get their Indian passport renewal processing time reduced to 2 working days.

Applicants will receive their renewed Indian passport via a courier service. You can also track your Indian passport renewal status through the official BLS Centre UAE website.

Passports returned by the courier service can be collected from BLS – Al Khaleej Center (Dubai) and BLS – Shams Boutik (Abu Dhabi) from 05:30 pm to 06:30 pm (Saturday to Thursday).


(i) To be submitted in person by applicants. Infants/Children also must be present at the Application Centre.
(ii) Application for renewal of passport can be submitted if the final validity of the passport is less than one year.

(iii) A passport expired more than six months back should be supported by a Sworn Affidavit explaining the circumstances and the reasons for late renewal.
(iv) If Abu Dhabi / Al Ain visa holders want to apply in other emirates, required proof of residence (in English) in Northern Emirates. It’s vice versa for Northern Emirates visa holders want to apply in Abu Dhabi / Al Ain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many month’s before I can renew my Passport?

A: You can renew your passport if the validity of passport is less that one year.

Q: Can I go to Indian Consulate / Embassy for passport renewal?

A: No. You should approach BLS International agency for passport services.

Q: Should I attend personally at BLS office?

A: Yes, personal presence is mandatory.

Q: I want to apply passport for my newborn baby. Should I take the baby to Passport application centre?

A: Yes, baby’s presence is must at passport application centre.

Q: I am married. But I don’t have attested marriage certificate. Can I add my spouse name in the passport?

A: Yes, you can. Marriage certificate is NOT required. Instead, you can attach a declaration letter requesting to add your spouse name.

Q: Is there any fine if I renew my passport after expiry?

A: There is no fine till six months from the date of expiry.

Q: My last visa cancelled. I got new job offer with a company in Dubai. But my passport validity is less than six months. So I cannot apply for new employment visa. How can I renew my passport in this situation?

Q: I am on Visit/Tourist Visa. I got job offer with a company in Dubai. But latter they rejected my application because my passport doesn’t have six months validity. How can I renew my passport as I am on Tourist Visa?

A: Above answer is applicable for your case also.

Renewal of India passport in UAE is faster and hassle free than renewal in India.

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