Iravin Nizhal Media Review: What Media and Social Media Says about Iravin Nizhal

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Iravin Nizhal Media Review: Here we are going to consolidate the list of reviews by media report, social media and what the fans are sharing in Google. Complete Review collection of Iravin Nizhal…

First Post Review

Iravin Nizhal First Post Media Review: An experimental thriller that works only because of its experiment!

Deccan Herald

‘Iravin Nizhal’ review: A remarkable experiment

Times of India

‘Iravin Nizhal’ Twitter review: Parthiban’s exceptional film should be enjoyed in theatres.


Iravin Nizhal Review: A Single-Shot Film Of Phenomenal Power And Ambition

The Quint

‘Iravin Nizhal’ Review: Parthiban Shines Better as Actor-Director Than Writer


Iravin Nizhal Media Review by DaijiWorld: Nothing but a genius, Varalaxmi hails ‘Iravin Nizhal’ director Parthiban

The New Indian Express

‘Iravin Nizhal’ movie review: An admirable filmmaking experiment – Iravin Nizhal Media Review from The New Indian Express

Cinema Express

Iravin Nizhal Movie Review: An admirable filmmaking experiment

The Hindu

‘Iravin Nizhal Media Review – The Hindu: R Parthiban’s breathtaking single-shot film is a remarkable technical achievement


Why is Iravin Nizhal Trending in Google

Iravin Nizhal Media Google Reviews by Fan:

Passion, tenacity, perseverance, courage and foolishness all are in one persona called R. Parthiban sorry Radhakrishnan Parthiban. Non linear single shot first of its kind. Raw , natural and amazing 90 mins of journey . If one loves movie of any kind just for the love of the movie , please watch it. Only in theatre . If you like non masala movie go for it , if you enjoyed City of Gods or Otha Seruppu. Then you can watch this movie.

It’s a movie that talks about inner demon and conscience of a man wow I loved it it’s an eye opener for many. Some dialogues are very natural and straightforward. For a change, it shows the dark side of male exploitation. Younger version of Parthiban has done a great job . As usual have to feel Rahman songs more than once , BGM is intriguing.

Make sure you dwell into Parthiban’s story telling and sail along with it. One of the directorial touch I loved it half eaten cakes scene. Thanks to the entire team and hard work

Only Negative Review | Blue Sattai Maran

Iravin Nizhal (Shadow of the Night) – Blue Sattai Maran said about the film: Moreover, it is not acceptable to say that this is the first and only short film. Similarly, Parthiban said that this is the most nonlinear film in the world as it has been taken in many languages.

But already in 2013, the movie fish & cat has come in Iran. So it is unnecessary to say that this is happening in the world, in Tamil Nadu and in cinema itself. It is enough for a director to give a good film. Blue Shirt Maran’s comment about the film and Parthiban saying that it is meaningless to say all this is currently going viral on social media.

Blue Sattai Maran is the Only one who reviewed with negativity about This movie however most of the national media given a good rating for the movie more over fans are celeberating this movie with 9.4 rating on IMDB.

IMDB Rating

9.4/10 · IMDb

*** Ranking as son 17/07/2022

Positive Review from UAE

Abu Dhabi | Dubai | Sharjah | Fujairah | Ajman

Final Words

இரவின் நிழல் – தமிழ் சினிமாவுக்கு ஒரு புது ஒளி

The Shadow of the Night – A New Light for Tamil Cinema

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