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TeraByte India Thiruvarur: Stalin wishes Class IX student Madhav for building palm-sized computer CPU. The boy is actually from Thiruvarur. The Entire Tamil Nadu is in shock as this young guy from a village made it to the top of the state and received appreciation from the Chief Minister of the State of Tamil Nadu.

Ninth standard student S.S. Madhav from Tiruvarur district on Wednesday showed the palm sized mini-central processing unit (CPU) built by him to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin.

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu appreciating the boy for his innovation and assured Madhav of the state government’s assistance for his studies and research relating to computers.

With his school closed during the Covid-19 lockdown, Madhav spent the time studying software programmes like Java, Python, C, C++ and Kotlin online. For the past two years, he was immersed in designing and building a palm sized CPU and became successful.

According to Madhav, he was successful on his 21st attempt after failing for 20 times but never give up.

Madhav started his Company – TeraByte India Thiruvarur

He brought the key motherboard parts from Mumbai and set the record by operating it as well. Madhav, who failed to drive a portable CPU 20 times in two years, succeeded in his 21st attempt without a hitch. He started a company called TERABYTE INDIA CPU MANUFACTURING COMPANY to make the tool he invented available to others and started selling it online with proper permission.

The 9th class student has amazed by introducing new technology in the computer that brings the world before our eyes. He says his next creation will be parallel to Windows.

Corona Lockdown is a role model for students who have been at home for more than a year. Software experts have come up with incredible ideas and subsequently their ideas have come to fruition.

Terabyte India CPU Manufacturing Company went online

Madhav has started selling the mini-CPU online priced at Rs 8,000 and has also formed a company by name Terabyte India CPU Manufacturing Company. Speaking to a television channel Madhav said he would like to retail the product at Rs 1,000 – Rs 2,000 through various outlets. He has made and sold about 15 CPUs till date.

According to Madhav’s mother, in order not to waste time during lockdown, he had joined some computer classes and spending more time on doing his research related to the computers.

Product Online

Madhav is selling his innovative Mini CPU on below market place. Link for your reference.

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    Where from can I purchase the mini CPU?

    • Thiruvarur says:

      You can reach out directly to the maker. we have updated the link for Amazon and their official website link has been placed above. PLease check and contact them. Thank you!

  1. April 27, 2022

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