Theatres / Cinemas in Thiruvarur

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Theatres in Thiruvarur / Cinemas in Thiruvarur | திருவாரூர் திரையரங்கம்

Thiruvarur or Tiruvarur is a small town in Tamil Nadu. Thiruvarur is famous for Temples, Temple Car and Agriculture. There is major amusement park or center in Thiruvarur. Cinemas are the major place for entertainment in this Temple Car city. There are three Theatres / Cinemas hall in Thiruvarur.

  • Thailammai Cinemas
  • Natesh Theatre
  • Chola Theatre

Theatres In Thiruvarur at 80s & 90s

In the Earlier Days of 80s – 90s, Baby Talkies, Sengam Theatre were very famous across the people of Thiruvarur and around areas. Baby Talkies is permanently closed almost a decade back however, still the road is called with the name “Baby Talkies Road“.

Top 3 Theatres in Thiruvarur, Tiruvarur District – Best Cinema Halls

  1. Thailammai Cinemas AC 4K Dolby Atmos
  2. Chola Theatre DTS Sound
  3. Natesh Theatre

Online Movie Ticket Booking, Showtimes in Thiruvarur

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What movie screening options are available/offered by theatre / cinemas halls in Tiruvarur or Thiruvarur?

Most cinema halls offer movie screenings in 2D formats and 3D formats

2. Are regional movies released at theatres / Cinemas near me?

No, Theatres in Tiruvarur not screening regional movies like Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, etc., However depending upon the popularity of the Hindi Movies used to be released.

3. Is cinema ticket required for children above the age of 3?

Yes, a ticket has to be purchased for children of and above 3 years of age.

4. Is bulk booking for corporate and schools offered by movie theatres near me?

Yes, most movie theatres in Tiruvarur offer bulk corporate bookings as well as school bookings. Note that the minimum ticket quantity for such bookings is 25.

5. Is it mandatory to collect printed copies of the tickets booked online?

Not, it is not mandatory. You can enter most cinema halls in Tiruvarur with the digital copy of the tickets.

6. What is the maximum number of tickets that can be booked in one transaction?

In one online transaction, 6 to 10 tickets can be booked. It is recommended to confirm the same by calling the concerned movie theatre.

7. Is outside food allowed inside the cinema premises?

No, in most of these cinemas, outside food is not permitted. However, you can always purchase food from the food counter inside the cinema hall.

8. What belongings are not allowed inside the cinema premises?

A majority of cinema halls strictly do not allow cameras, electronic items, outside eatables, cigarettes, and other tobacco items inside the cinema premises.

9. Can a booked ticket be cancelled?

A majority of theatres do not allow to cancel the tickets once purchased. However, you can get in-depth information about the same from the nearest movie theatre.

10. English & Hindi Movies Screening in Thiruvarur?

Yes, Most of the English movies screening in Thiruvarur however in regards to Hindi movie, all the major Hit and Popular Movies are screening time to time.

Thailammai Theatre Review

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Thailammai Cinemas A/C 4K Dolby Atmos

தைலம்மை சினிமாஸ் | Location Map | Direction to Thailammai Theatre

Chola DTS

சோழா தியேட்டர் | Location Map | Direction to Chozha / Chola Theatre

Natesh Theatre

நடேஷ் தியேட்டர் | Location Map | Direction to Natesh Theatre A/c

Valimai Movie Update | Cinemas in Thiruvarur

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