Thiruvarur Car Festival

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Thiruvarur Car Festival: Tiruvarur Chariot festival [Tiruvarur Therottam/தேரோட்டம் in Tamil] is a historical event that still follows the same rituals and traditions associated with the Thyagaraja Swamy temple, Tiruvarur, in Tamil Nadu.

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The Lord Veethividangar (வீதிவிடங்கர்) now called as Thiyagarajaswami (Shiva) comes out of the massive ancient temple, with his consort Kondi (கொண்டி) (Parvathi) to bless the devotees who always comes to visit him in his abode, one of the world’s biggest chariots. And this chariot was constructed by Kothanars [1] and it is Asia’s biggest chariot.

Thiruvarur Car – Asia’s biggest chariot and most popular Chariot in South India. ‘Aazhi Ther’ is the biggest temple chariot in Asia

Thiruvarur Car Festival

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