Thiruvarur Collector Tmt Gayathri Krishnan IAS – Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu

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Gayathri Krishnan IAS, Thiruvarur Collector

Thiruvarur Collector Gayathri Krishnan: IAS officer Gayatri Krishnan, who has been appointed as the Thiruvarur district governor in 2021. The people of Thiruvarur have already started celebrating her for the excellent management background.

Who is Mrs. B Gayathri Krishnan I.A.S?


Tmt. B.Gayatri Krishnan I.A.S – Thiruvarur: Gayathri Krishnan an Indian IAS (UPSC) officer of the 2013 batch. B Gayathri Krishnan cleared UPSC in her first attempt and scored an AIR 433 in CSE 2011. She is currently serving as a collector in the Thiruvarur district. She previously worked as a joint commissioner in Commercial Taxes Department, Coimbatore. She is clever and bright enough to know all the specialists and tactics to deal with criminal cases.

Thiruvarur present Collector Gayathri Krishnan is a very talented and vibrant IAS officer who has attracted a lot of attention among the people. Gayatri Krishnan, who was the Deputy Commissioner of Commerce (State Taxes) District in Coimbatore, has been transferred to Thiruvarur.

Gayatri Krishnan is from Kerala, who was the ruler of Pollachi earlier to Thiruvarur. She received much attention when she was the ruler of Pollachi. Accustomed more closely to people. In Pollachi she came up with a plan to relocate the trees intact for a project to pave the road without cutting down the trees. The most difficult project was done with the help of people.

Thiruvarur Collector Gayathri Krishnan is directly asking help from the people, she implemented the project of building a road without cutting down trees, through various youth organizations. She was also the Deputy Director of Commerce in Coimbatore during the Coronavirus period and is currently the Governor of Thiruvarur.

Tmt. Gayathri Krishnan B IAS., District Collector and District Magistrate, Tiruvarur (assumed charges on 17.06.2021) A 2013-batch IAS officer, Tmt. Gayathri Krishnan IAS started her career as Assistant Collector in Coimbatore from August 2014 to August 2015. She has also rendered service as Sub Collector in Pollachi from December 2015 to February. From February 2019 she worked as Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes (State Taxes), Coimbatore.

People of Thiruvarur

சூர்யவம்சம் பட பாணியில் கலக்கும் மாண்புமிகு திருவாரூர் மாவட்ட ஆட்சியர் திருமதி. @CollectorTVR Gayathri Krishnan IAS.

People of Thiruvarur is excited about the active collector who is young, talented and more than that actively working women with transparent communication with the people of Thiruvarur.

Email : collrtvr[at]nic[dot]in
Designation : District Collector
Phone : 04366-223344

Twitter: @CollectorTVR

List of Collectors

Sl.NoName of the Officer
( Thiruvalargal )
30B.GAYATHRI KRISHNAN,I.A.S.,17-06-2021Till Date
27L.NIRMAL RAJ,I.A.S.,31-07-201617-02-2019
26 T.MOHANRAJ, (I/c)30-07-201630-07-2016
25Dr. M.MATHIVANAN, I.A.S.,25-05-201629-07-2016
24T.N.VENKATESH, I.A.S.,02-05-201624-05-2016
23Dr. M.MATHIVANAN, I.A.S.,30-11-201501-05-2016
22T.MOHANRAJ, (I/c)21-11-201529-11-2015
21Dr. M.MATHIVANAN, I.A.S.,08-06-201420-11-2015
20P.MANIMARAN, (I/c)07-06-201407-06-2014
19S.NATARAJAN, I.A.S.,01-02-201206-06-2014
18C.MUNIANATHAN, I.A.S.,08-06-2011 31-01-2012
17K.BASKARAN, I.A.S.,24-01-201107-06-2011
16M.THANGAVEL, (I/c)22-01-201124-01-2011
15M.CHANDRASEKARAN, I.A.S.,17-05-201022-01-2011
14M.THANGAVEL, (I/c)23-04-201017-05-2010
13M.CHANDRASEKARAN, I.A.S.,28-05-200923-04-2010
12T.UDHAYACHANDRAN, I.A.S.,06-05-200928-05-2009
11M.CHANDRASEKARAN, I.A.S.,01-10-200706-05-2009
10 B.MAHESWARI, (I/c)29-09-200730-09-2007
09SHAMBU KALLOLIKAR, I.A.S.,04-07-200728-09-2007
08B.MAHESWARI, (I/c)20-04-200703-07-2007
07SHAMBU KALLOLIKAR, I.A.S.,25-06-200619-04-2007
06P.EKAMBARAM, I.A.S.,06-06-200424-06-2006
05G. SUNDARAMOORTHI, I.A.S.,10-03-200405-06-2004
04P.ILANGO, I.A.S.,14-11-200209-03-2004
03RAMESHCHANDHMEENA, I.A.S.,11-06-200113-11-2002
02C. UMASHANKAR, I.A.S.,14-02-199910-06-2001
01M.R. MOHAN, I.A.S.,01-01-199713-02-1999

Thiruvarur District

The District of Tiruvarur was carved out as a separate district by detaching Valangaiman Taluk from Thanjavur District and Thiruvarur, Nannilam, Kudavasal, Needamangalam, Mannargudi, Thirutturaippundi Taluks from Nagappatinam District on 01.01.1997. There are 2 Revenue Divisions, 8 Taluks, 573 Villages,  10 Blocks, 4 Municipalties and 7 Town Panchayats in Thiruvarur District.

காயத்ரி கிருஷ்ணன் IAS

Thiruvarur district was created as a separate district on 1.1.97 as per G.O.M.S. No. 681/ Revenue Department, dated 25.7.1996 by carving out 9 Blocks from the composite Nagapattinam district and 1 Block from Thanjavur district with Thiruvarur as district headquarters. Thiruvarur district is divided into 2 Revenue Divisions; 8 Taluks, 10 Blocks and 573 Revenue Villages.

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