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Tamil Unicode Font


Thiruvarur Tamil Font Download: Tamil is the official language of Tamil Nadu State in India. To type in Tamil language you have to download and install Tamil fonts in your system. We are providing the most popular Tamil font used for typing. That is our native font ‘Elcot – Thiruvarur‘ Tamil font for Download.

With the help of Tamil Unicode font you can read any news paper and other Tamil websites in Tamil fonts. To be able to type with Tamil Unicode font you have to install specialized Tamil typing software that have many keyboards layouts.

Thiruvarur Elcot-Thiruvarur Tamil Font

Download Tamil Unicode font from given link below:

Free Download Tamil Font Tiruvarur

Difference between non-Unicode and Unicode Tamil font ?

Non-Unicode Tamil fonts are traditional fonts commonly used for Tamil Typing from the arrival of computers in India. Non-Unicode Tamil font have their own Character encoding. To be able to view content typed with non-Unicode fonts you need the particular font to be installed on that device.

Unicode Tamil fonts are based upon Universal Character Encoding assign to every character of writing system. Unicode fonts are portable means it is not necessary that font must be install on the device you are using. Unicode standard is maintained by Unicode consortium. For use on Web world Unicode Tamil font is best.

How to type in non-Unicode Tamil Font ?

To type in Tamil font you need to install the font in your computer system and when you start typing select the name of Tamil font from drop down list of text editor (i.e. MS Word). You will see whatever you type is comes in Tamil language.

How to type in Unicode Tamil Font ?

Typing in Unicode Tamil font are different from non-Unicode font. If you installed a Unicode Tamil font and select in MS word and start typing you will see English characters instead of Tamil characters. To type in Unicode Tamil font you will need to install a Tamil typing software. Thiruvarur Tamil Font Download!!

Font Information

Font NameELCOT-Tiruvarur Regular
Font StyleRegular
Font TypeTrueType
Font EmbeddingInstallable
Font TagsELCOT-Tiruvarur,Regular
Number of GlyphsNone

Character Map

Thiruvarur Font
Thiruvarur Font

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