You Must Try these 10 Dishes in Chennai

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10 Dishes in Chennai: The food scene in Chennai has become truly global, but in this area, we focus on 10 dishes that the city itself can call its own. Just try it once.

  1. Filter Coffee [Best Filter Coffee you should try once in life]
  2. Inji Tea [All time favourite of Chennai]
  3. Sundal [Best Morning and Evening Snack
  4. Nethili Fry [Best Dishes for Snacks and even best starter]
  5. Masal Dosa [Many Varietyies]
  6. Biryani [Chicken, Mutton, Beef and Vegetable]
  7. Murukku Variety [Sandwich, Shawarma, & More]
  8. Mysore Pak
  9. Tamil Traditional Meals
  10. Kothu Parotta

Filter Coffee

10 Dishes in Chennai you should know and try but the first thing comes to your mind in the morning is filter coffee. Madras Coffee House: Very good filter coffee with sundal, great deals for Chennai (Madras), India. Filter coffee is made by adding coffee decoction extracted from a mixture of coffee blends with boiled milk and sugar. 

Inji Tea

Ginger tea | inji tea | Adrak ki chai: Best Inji Teas In Chennai You Need To Try – Ginger tea is a spicy flavoured taste and it has many health benefits. Its good for bloating, nausea, etc. ‘Inji Tea’ Shop in Siruseri, Opposite to Hiranandani is the best place to drink Inji tea in Chennai.


Sundal: If you want the best idlis in Chennai, Murugan is the place to be. If you are at any of the popular beaches like Marina, Elliots or even Bessy, then you must try these sundals. Sundal is a dish which consists of boiled chickpeas topped with onions and shredded coconut.

Nethili Fish Fry

Thinking about the best Nethili fry in Chennai? then Check out these place to try crispy nethili fry. East Coast At Madras Square, The Thief, Hub at ECR, Karaikudi Restaurant. The Marina, Chennai (Madras) “Nethili Fish Fry“(anchovies fish fry) at the beaches are too famous across the region.

Masala Dosa

The best places of have dosa in Chennai are Sangeetha, Rathna Cafe, Murugan Idli. Chennai is the home of the dosa—from crunchy, ghee-drenched crisp roasts to dosas made out of semolina to dosas stuffed with a delectable spicy potato filling, there are plenty of good reasons to order a dosa.


These restaurants make you fall in love with Biryani; check out here for the complete article about the top 5 biryani places you can eat and Enjoy. Biryani lovers know that it is soul food! That’s why we have curated a list of the best biryani places in Chennai for you. Check it out and have a great


Murukku is a savoury, crunchy snack originating from the Indian subcontinent. The name murukku derives from the Malayalam/Tamil word for “twisted”, which refers to its shape. In India, murukku is especially popular in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Murukku Cheese Sandwich – Three layers of crunchy murukku, no bread and a filling of onions, tomatoes, cucumber, housemade masala as seasoning and cheese. You must try in Chennai.

Crispy Murukku Sandwiches

  1. Links – Purasaiwalkam, Chennai
  2. Sri Keshav Chats, Madipakkam, Chennai
  3. Ajnabee Sweets, T. Nagar, Chennai

These place offers a range of scrumptious chats, the murukku sandwich here is hands-down the best and comes perfectly lined with fresh stuffings and cheese. Murukku sandwich prices start from INR 60.

Mysore Pak

Sri Krishna Sweets respects these and gives the best of life in the form of sweets and savouries.South India’s roving ambassador to the world, created in Sri Krishna Sweets kitchens. Years of research into ingredients, technique and consumer taste. Years of research into ingredients, technique and consumer taste transformed the traditional Mysorepak into the divine Sri Krishna Sweets Mysurpa.

Tamil Meals

Traditional Tamil dishes are served in a traditional manner, using banana leaves in place of utensils. South Indian Meals (Tamilnadu, Andhra, Karnataka & Kerala)-Thalavazhai Ilai Sappadu. Most of the Chennaities, finish their meal by eating curd with rice. Chennai is famous for different varieties of rice, such as pongal which is a rice dish

Tamil Nadu meals

  • Rice, rasam, sambar, keerai kulambu, vatha kulambu, poriyal, pickle, appalam, curd, kootu, pachadi, vazhaipalam, kesari, pal payasam, sweet

Chettinad lunch

  • Rice, curd, moong dal payasam, garlic rasam, vendakkai mandi, cabbage curry, vegetable pirattal, paruppu kola urundai kulambu, banana varuval, mixed vegetable pickle, appalam.

Kothu Parotta

Kothu Parotta is one of the Top 10 Dishes in Chennai you should try. Kottu roti is a popular street dish that is widely consumed throughout Sri Lanka and is very popular in Sri Lankan cuisine. The word “koththu” (கொத்து) means “to chop” in Tamil, referring to its method of preparation.

Kothu Parotta is a very popular South Indian street food with numerous regional variations. Leftover parathas are shredded and cooked with spices, vegetables, eggs and meat (typically chicken or mutton). The vegetarian version is without eggs and meat.

Kothu Parotta is originated from Sri Lanka however it is very popular in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Although the dish has origins in Sri Lanka, this dish has become a favorite across the pond. It also has fans in Singapore, Malaysia, and Maldives. This street food is popular in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Madurai in Tamil Nadu is famous for its special style of kothu.

DishKothu Parotta
Alternative namesKothu roti, Kothu parotta
Coursemain course
Place of originSri Lanka
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsRoti, egg, onion, chilli pepper
Ingredients generally usedChicken, mutton, seafood, carrot, spring onion, bell pepper

Fantastic Spots in Chennai For Your Kothu Parotta Cravings are

  • Border Rahmath in T Nagar
  • Junior Kuppana, Perungudi,
  • Palmshore, Ashok Nagar

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