Thiruvarur Junction Railway Station TVR 2024

Thiruvarur Train Timetable: Trains passing through Thiruvarur (TVR) Junction Station

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Thiruvarur Train Timetable: Learn more about Thiruvarur Junction railway station and book trains starting from Thiruvarur Junction from Check trains from Thiruvarur Junction railway station and find details about ticket fares, available dates, reservation, seat availability and train schedule.

Thiruvarur Junction Railway Station

Thiruvarur Junction, located in the heart of Tamil Nadu, serves as a vital railway junction connecting various cities across South India. This bustling hub facilitates the smooth passage of numerous trains, offering passengers a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. Let’s explore some of the prominent trains passing through Thiruvarur Junction and their schedules.

Thiruvarur Station Code

Station NameThiruvarur Junction
Station CodeTVR

Thiruvarur Junction (station code: TVR) is a junction railway station serving Thiruvarur town, headquarters of Thiruvarur district in Tamil Nadu.

Thiruvarur Station Profile

AddressKTR Nagar, Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu 610003
Station CodeTVR
Zone(s)Southern Railway zone

Thiruvarur Train Timetable

Train name passing via
Train NumberArrivesDepartsStop timeMTWTFSS
Ms Tpj Superfast Express060614:355:0025 minNYNYNNN
Chennai Express060620:351:0025 minYNYNNNN
LTT VLNK Special0102916:4017:0525 minNYNNNNN
Tvc Vlnk Express063020:501:1525 minNNYNNNN
Bsb Cstm Special0103015:0015:2525 minNNNYNNN
Ernakulam Express1686517:2017:3010 minYYYYYYY
Velankanni Express0731517:0017:1515 minNNNNYNN
Vlnk Vsg Express0731620:2520:5025 minYNNYNNN
Pune Tpj Special068020:200:4525 minYNNNNNN
Dibrugarh Express059059:009:2525 minNNNYNNN
Vsg Vlnk Express0732310:2010:3515 minNNYNNNN
Vlnk Vsg Express0732423:1023:155 minNNNYNNN
Trivandrum Express0630114:1014:3020 minNNNYNNN
Ltt Karaikal Express1101716:5517:0510 minNNNNNYN
Vsg Vlnk Express073255:255:4015 minNNNNNNY
Vlnk Vsg Express0732623:1023:155 minYNNNNNN
Pamani Express1740721:0521:072 minNYNYNYN
Ernakulam Express1618717:2017:3010 minYYYYYYY
Ers Karaikalexp161889:359:405 minYYYYYYY
Karaikal Express161756:056:1510 minYYYYYYY
Vlnk Vsg Express173160:430:452 minNYNNNNN
Tirupati Express174086:206:255 minNNYNYNY
Chennai Express1617622:1522:2510 minYYYYYYY
Velankanni Express1731510:2310:252 minYNNNNNN
Velankanni Express161856:056:1510 minYYYYYYY
Velankanni Express1618622:1522:2510 minYYYYYYY
Kik Ltt Express1101815:0015:1010 minYNNNNNN
Bgkt Mq Express1686316:4816:502 minNNNYNNN
Mq Bgkt Express1686412:2012:222 minYNNNNNN
Thiruvarur Train Timetable

Ms Tpj Superfast Express (Train Number: 06061): Connecting Chennai to Tiruchirapalli, the Ms Tpj Superfast Express offers a swift and efficient travel option on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Chennai Express (Train Number: 06062): Providing overnight connectivity on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the Chennai Express links Thiruvarur to the bustling city of Chennai, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Lttvlnk Special (Train Number: 01029): Bridging Thiruvarur with Mumbai’s Lokmanya Tilak Terminus on Mondays and Thursdays, the Lttvlnk Special serves as a special lifeline for those seeking a western connection.

Tvc Vlnk Express (Train Number: 06302): Operating every Tuesday, the Tvc Vlnk Express facilitates a smooth journey to Thiruvananthapuram, providing a reliable link to the capital of Kerala.

Bsb Cstm Special (Train Number: 01030): Designed for Wednesday travel, the Bsb Cstm Special connects Thiruvarur with Mumbai, offering a direct route for passengers between these two diverse cities.

Ernakulam Express (Train Number: 16865): A daily service, the Ernakulam Express ensures regular connectivity, linking Thiruvarur with the vibrant city of Ernakulam in Kerala.

Velankanni Express (Train Number: 07315): Operating every Friday, the Velankanni Express provides a convenient and timely connection, catering to the travel needs of passengers heading to Velankanni.

Vlnk Vsg Express (Train Number: 07316): Serving on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays, the Vlnk Vsg Express connects Thiruvarur with Vasco da Gama, enhancing connectivity between these two locations.

Pune Tpj Special (Train Number: 06802): Offering Saturday services, the Pune Tpj Special provides a unique travel option, linking Thiruvarur with Pune.

Dibrugarh Express (Train Number: 05905): Operating every Wednesday, the Dibrugarh Express facilitates a direct and convenient link to Dibrugarh, serving the travel needs of passengers.

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