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How to Reach Thiruvarur 8

How to Reach Thiruvarur by Air, Bus, Train & Car

How to Reach Thiruvarur: Reaching Thiruvarur (also spelled Tiruvarur) by Bus, Train, Car, Flight Air. The nearest Airport from Thiruvarur is Tiruchirapalli Airport (TRZ). Well connected Town and Distance between Chennai to Thiruvarur is 318 km by Road and 294 km by Rails. Aerial distance is 262 km.

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Thiruvarur Car Festival

Thiruvarur Car Festival: Tiruvarur Chariot festival [Tiruvarur Therottam/தேரோட்டம் in Tamil] is a historical event that still follows the same rituals and traditions associated with the Thyagaraja Swamy temple, Tiruvarur, in Tamil Nadu.