Thyagaraja Temple Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu state

Arulmigu Thiyaagaraaja Swaamy Temple, Thiruvarur அருள்மிகு தியாகராஜ சுவாமி திருக்கோவில், திருவாரூர்

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அருள்மிகு தியாகராஜ சுவாமி திருக்கோவில், திருவாரூர்

Thyagaraja Temple is a Shiva temple, located in the town of Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu state, India. Shiva is worshiped in the form of a lingam as Thyagarajaswami, also known as Putridankondar. His consort Parvati is worshipped as Goddess Neelotpalambika.

Thiruvarur district is famous for its evergreen paddy fields and temples with sky-high towers. This town is situated in the south east of Tamil Nadu. The Arulmighu Shri Thiyagarajar temple located in Thiruvarur town has many distinctions. It has the largest chariot or temple car among the temples in Tamil Nadu.

Worship and religious practises

Thyagaraja Temple is a Shiva temple, located Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India. The temple’s masonry structure was built during the Chola dynasty in the 9th century. Later expansions are attributed to Vijayanagar rulers of the Sangama Dynasty (1336–1485 CE), the Saluva Dynasty and the Tuluva Dynasty (1491–1570 CE).

The idol of Thiyagarajar is covered with clothes and flowers, so that only his and ammbal’s face are visible. His right foot and Parvathy’s left foot are revealed on Aarudhra Dharshan in the month of Margazhi, and on Panguni Uthiram in the month of Panguni

Kamalamuni Siddhar Jeevasamadhi, Arulmigu Thiyaagaraaja Swaamy Temple, Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu.

This is a Jeevasamadhi of Kamalamuni Siddhar, one of revered 18 Siddhars from Tamil Nadu. There is a place to sit and meditate next to the Jeevasamadhi. You can go into meditative states here effortlessly.

How to get there
The Jeevasamadhi is on the western side of Arulmigu Thiyaagaraaja Swaamy Temple complex.

Siddha Kamalamuni’s birth star is Poosam in the Tamil month of Vaikasi (mid May to mid June). And as we publish this article, it is the special occasion of Poosam or Pushya nakshatra in the Tamil month Thai (mid January to mid February).

Kamalamuni Siddhar is said to have attained samadhi in the Tiruvarur temple. His peetam is found near the Amman shrine.

Music, dance and literature

Historically, Thiruvarur has been a centre of eminent people in religion, arts and science. Sundarar, an 8th-century Saivite saint, mentions “I am the slave of all those born in Thiruvarur” in his works in Tevaram.

The Sri Thiyagarajaswamy Temple in Thiruvarur stands as a testament to the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Chola era. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple, located in the Kaveri Delta, holds a special place in the hearts of devotees. One of its grandest celebrations is the Aazhi Ther Chariot Festival, recognized as Asia’s largest chariot festival, held annually during the Tamil month of Panguni (March).

The Aazhi Ther Chariot Festival

The highlight of the temple’s festivities is the Aazhi Ther Chariot Festival, a joyous procession that transports the main deity, Uthsava Moorthi, and his consort, Lord Parvathi, through the city. Devotees enthusiastically tow the thousand-year-old chariot using thick ropes, creating a vibrant and spiritually charged atmosphere.

Temple Complex and Architecture

Spread across approximately 30 acres, the Sri Thiyagarajaswamy temple complex boasts four large gopurams (gateway towers). The eastern tower, standing at an impressive 100 feet (30 meters) with three storeys, is the tallest. Within the temple, around 100 sannidhis (shrines) house 365 Shiva Lingas, symbolizing one for each day of the year. The two principal sannidhis are dedicated to the moolavar (main deity) Sri Vanmikinathar (Lord Shiva) and Thiyagarajar.

Historical Significance

The temple’s historical significance is intertwined with the Chola Kingdom’s pursuit of justice. The presence of two chariots, the Kal Ther (immovable stone chariot) and the Aazhi Ther, reflects this connection. The stone chariot, reminiscent of the great Chola monarch Manu Needhi, bears witness to an episode recounted in the Tamil classic Silappadikaram. The tale involves the accidental strangulation of a calf beneath the chariot, leading to the king’s pursuit of justice.

Devotional Hymns and Festive Grandeur

The devotional hymns of Thevaram saints, including Appar, Thirugnanasambandar, and Sundarar, glorify the Sri Thiyagarajaswamy temple and its auspicious Therottam festival. The Aazhi Therottam car festival attracts thousands of devotees annually. The 250-tonne chariot, adorned with colorful silk robes and aromatic flowers, becomes the focal point of the procession, symbolizing devotion and spirituality.

The Sri Thiyagarajaswamy Temple in Thiruvarur is a living testament to the grandeur of the Chola era and a source of spiritual inspiration for devotees. The Aazhi Ther Chariot Festival not only showcases the cultural richness of the region but also serves as a vibrant celebration of faith and tradition. As devotees gather each year to participate in this grand procession, the echoes of history and spirituality reverberate through the ancient temple, ensuring its legacy endures for generations to come.


Address: Sannathi St, Thanjai Salai, Vasan Nagar, Madappuram, Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu 610001

Phone: 1800 4253 1111

Geographic coordinates: 10°46′N 79°39′E / 10.767°N 79.650°E

Deity: Thyagarajaswami (Shiva); Neelotpalambika (Parvati)



Near Airport

Tiruchirappalli International Airport is the nearest airport from Thiruvarur which is just 120 km away from the town. The airport connects the town with other major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai through daily flights.

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