List of Thiruvarur Collectors

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Check out the complete list of Collectors who served for Thiruvarur District from the inception of the district. The District Collector, also known as the Deputy Commissioner or District Magistrate in some regions, is a key administrative officer in the district administration system in India. The role involves overseeing various government functions within the district and ensuring the effective implementation of government policies and programs.

Current Collector of Thiruvarur

Name of the OfficerFromTo
T.Charusree,I.A.S.,05-02-2023Till Date

Key responsibilities of a District Collector may include:

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  1. Administration: Overseeing the general administration of the district, including law and order, revenue administration, and public services.
  2. Development: Implementing developmental programs and schemes to address the economic and social needs of the district’s residents.
  3. Revenue Administration: Managing land revenue, land records, and other revenue-related matters.
  4. Disaster Management: Coordinating disaster response and relief efforts within the district.
  5. Elections: Conducting elections in the district and ensuring a fair and smooth electoral process.
  6. Law and Order: Maintaining law and order by coordinating with the police and other law enforcement agencies.
  7. Welfare Programs: Implementing various welfare programs and initiatives aimed at the upliftment of marginalized communities.

List of Thiruvarur Collectors

Sl.NoName of the OfficerFromTo
32T.Charusree,I.A.S.,05-02-2023Till Date
30B.GAYATHRI KRISHNAN,I.A.S.,17-06-202131-01-2023
27L.NIRMAL RAJ,I.A.S.,31-07-201617-02-2019
26 T.MOHANRAJ, (I/c)30-07-201630-07-2016
25Dr. M.MATHIVANAN, I.A.S.,25-05-201629-07-2016
24T.N.VENKATESH, I.A.S.,02-05-201624-05-2016
23Dr. M.MATHIVANAN, I.A.S.,30-11-201501-05-2016
22T.MOHANRAJ, (I/c)21-11-201529-11-2015
21Dr. M.MATHIVANAN, I.A.S.,08-06-201420-11-2015
20P.MANIMARAN, (I/c)07-06-201407-06-2014
19S.NATARAJAN, I.A.S.,01-02-201206-06-2014
18C.MUNIANATHAN, I.A.S.,08-06-2011 31-01-2012
17K.BASKARAN, I.A.S.,24-01-201107-06-2011
16M.THANGAVEL, (I/c)22-01-201124-01-2011
15M.CHANDRASEKARAN, I.A.S.,17-05-201022-01-2011
14M.THANGAVEL, (I/c)23-04-201017-05-2010
13M.CHANDRASEKARAN, I.A.S.,28-05-200923-04-2010
12T.UDHAYACHANDRAN, I.A.S.,06-05-200928-05-2009
11M.CHANDRASEKARAN, I.A.S.,01-10-200706-05-2009
10 B.MAHESWARI, (I/c)29-09-200730-09-2007
09SHAMBU KALLOLIKAR, I.A.S.,04-07-200728-09-2007
08B.MAHESWARI, (I/c)20-04-200703-07-2007
07SHAMBU KALLOLIKAR, I.A.S.,25-06-200619-04-2007
06P.EKAMBARAM, I.A.S.,06-06-200424-06-2006
05G. SUNDARAMOORTHI, I.A.S.,10-03-200405-06-2004
04P.ILANGO, I.A.S.,14-11-200209-03-2004
03RAMESHCHANDHMEENA, I.A.S.,11-06-200113-11-2002
02C. UMASHANKAR, I.A.S.,14-02-199910-06-2001
01M.R. MOHAN, I.A.S.,01-01-199713-02-1999

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