Taj Mahal Thiruvarur
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Taj Mahal Thiruvarur

Taj Mahal Thiruvarur

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Thiruvarur Taj Mahal is a masterpiece and it is a part of Tiruvarur heritage Now and her son has built a memorial in Tamil Nadu’s Thiruvarur district to express their love for their mother to the world. The businessman’s hometown of Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu, where the miniature Taj Mahal was built for Rs 5 crore, attracts visitors from all over.

  • Tourist attraction in Ammaiyappan, Tamil Nadu
  • The construction was completed at a cost of Rs 5 crore at Tamil Nadu’s Thiruvarur.
  • Son Amarudeen Sheik Dawood Sah who made the structure in his mother’s memory.
  • Amarudeen started constructing the structure on a one-acre land he bought in his ancestral village, Ammayiappan, with the support of his builder friend.



Ammaiyappan, Tamil Nadu 610104


1800 4253 1111


Open 24 hours

Sunday Open 24 Hours
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What is the entry fee for Taj Mahal?

The entry fee of Taj Mahal is absolutely free all the visitors. There is no charge collected for this beautiful memorial in Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu.

Is Taj Mahal closed on Fridays?

Taj Mahal is Not closed on Fridays for general viewing. Only Closed during the Jumma Prayer.

Taj Mahal Opening Hours?
The Thiruvarur Taj Mahal is open 24 hours however inside not allowed only during the prayer timings.


Ammaiyappan,Tamil Nadu


Taj Mahal, Ammaiyappan, Thiruvarur,610104,Thiruvarur